My name is Andreas (Jon Ingmar) Fagerholm and I am a researcher in political science (comparative politics) at Åbo Akademi University (Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics).

My current research is largely focused on parties, legislatures and governments. I am also interested in political methodology (qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods) and in the history and philosophy of political science.

My hobbies include, in no particular order, travelling, groundhopping, hiking & nature, cooking, literature, science, history, Stockholmiana, militaria, railways & trainspotting (esp. tram and rapid transit systems), and – last, but certainly not least – the assassination of Olof Palme.

I am also obsessed with making lists, so here is one of my three most recently read books (excluding political science literature):

Lindberg, Stefan:
Nätterna på Mon Chéri (Albert Bonniers förlag, 2016)

Henriksson, Karin:
Vänstern i USA (Lind & co, 2018)

Linderborg, Åsa:
Mig äger ingen (Bokförlaget Atlas, 2007) (re-reading)

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